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The Liar, The Lazy, & the Ungrateful: How to Stop Being Nice

Unpopular opinion time!

There are three types of people that I don't allow in my circle or to consume my energy: the liars, the lazy, and the ungrateful. I feel like I've had some run-ins with all three over the past few months.

Sometimes people mistreat you because they have been enabled. As kids we are taught to always take the high road or to try to not rock any boats. In truth, people who can't grow a backbone will be disrespected and undervalued by most people they come across.

Watch my latest video about when it is absolutely okay to put yourself above being nice to others who have no consideration for you. It isn't "stooping to someone's level" when they are willing to step all over you in the first place.

Click below to rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect.

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