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The Bell Tolls: Farewell Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond was battling Cancer for longer than 3 weeks. He just found out about it three weeks ago. For those of us who actually do have health insurance, make sure you use it and do everything you can to monitor your own health in between visits.

If the past few years have taught us anything it is that NO ONE is immune to time running out or the body being vulnerable to disease. It is tempting to put things off because of work or family obligations but when you stop getting a choice, you will regret it.

Let me also take this moment to recognize that many of Dustin's former coworkers seem to have had next to no relationship with him once Saved By the Bell ended. Few previous Instagram photos or acknowledgement of him as a friend until his hospitalization.

Has it ever happened to you that you didn't reconnect with someone until there was a trauma or it was too late in general? It is not a good feeling. You end up mourning the person and the lost relationship as well.

Granted, people often grow apart and it gets harder to stay in touch, but now that he is gone it is them and not his family who seem to be collecting condolences for their loss from fans.

Dustin Diamond was an original Saved By the Bell cast member, along with Lark Voorhies and Mark P. Gosselar in the prequel show, Good Morning Miss Bliss (1987).

According to several reports, Dustin was diagnosed with small cell carcinoma, lung cancer. Most often, the symptoms do not show up or can be misinterpreted by patients until it has well advanced. It is also a most common form of cancer among smokers. The positive here, is in this particular case, there was little physical suffering.

The point of life, though, is what you leave behind to enhance the lives of others while enhancing your own. Thankfully in his younger years Dustin left some of us some memories that will always make us smile:

Screech with Lisa;

With the gang:

Saved By the Bell will always be one of those nostalgic shows such as A Different World, Dawson's Creek, or Beverly Hills 90210 that take me back to things I experienced between high school and college.

At some point we have to stop revering youth as if it lasts forever and is more valuable than time. These temporary bodies we have can betray us at any time. Fortunately Dustin was able to leave himself in the world for others to enjoy.

How are we sounding bells in our own lives? Comment about how someone's passing motivates you in a special area of your life.

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