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Style Magic: Primetime Polka!

Polka dots are almost always pushed as a spring/summer trend, but this week I'm making an argument that when the world starts going dark in the Fall, we need to keep this particular print around.

Clockwise from Top Left:

YSL Handbag, Nordstrom; Dress, Self Trendy; Missoni Wedges, Outnet; Men's Belt, F.H. Wadsworth; Ofrath rug, Wayfair; Men's Shirt, Broswear.

I can't think of anybody who doesn't need any positivity in their life, and when it comes to style, I have rarely seen polka dots have a bad moment.

There are a few reasons polka dots are a classic print that anyone can wear:

1) Relevant for any season or weather

2) Gender neutral

3) Age appropriate for children through post 70

4) Body conscious for all types of skin tones and shapes

5) Versatile in use from fabrics to home and accessories

How To Pop in Polka Dots:

Another perk about Polka Dots? They match almost everything, even other prints! You can tastefully pair them with stripes, sequins, texture, denim, and many other avenues.

Images via Pinterest

Heading into Fall and Winter, polkas make an excellent layering piece, as you can see from the above gallery. If you are someone who sticks to dark colors. The classic black and white dots in a button up or cardigan is appropriate for any gender and any environment. You can also be like me and go blue, red, pink, yellow, or other color for a bit of boldness in a one piece or head to toe look.

Dress: Melonie, JC Penney

If you are someone who tends to shy away from prints, start small with accessories like an umbrella, watch band, or socks. Not quite ready to make the leap to wearing? Introduce polkas into your home with a vase, canister set, or kitchen towels.

Lamp shade, George At Asda; Comforter set, Walmart; Table runner, Crate and Barrel

If you didn't try polka dots during these hot months or you are about to start the process of prepping your winter wardrobe, keep this print in your closet to complement the faux furs, faux leathers, and heavy knits that are about to take their place.

Which way do you plan to integrate polka dots into your palette to top off 2021?