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Style Magic: Plaid Appeal

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Now that it's layering season, it's time to pull those plaids back out (if you ever put them away).

When it's cold outside or you have to rush to warm the car to get to work, who has time to meticulously plan an outfit?

One of my favorite characteristics about plaid is that you can find prints in various colors and multiple sizes.

Plaid is one of the easiest graphics to mix with another graphic, as I did with adding my plaid blazer to my metallic stripes, or as a stand-alone focal point.

You don't have to have a bold personality to wear plaid, either. You can use a plaid scarf or hat to accent a simple look like a sweater and pants. You could cap off an entire outfit with a plaid umbrella or plaid boots.

Plaid rarely takes a break when it comes to men's fashion. It's hard not to be a winner in a plaid vest or blazer or when pairing a bold plaid print to play peek-a-boo with a sophisticated trench coat.

Most men adore the plaid shirt, sometimes closed and sometimes as a lightweight jacket over their basic tee. Ladies, now is an essential time to maximize your closet by borrowing from theirs.

This is our chance to belt long shirts into plaid shirt dresses and get some extra snug in an slightly oversized jacket.

Even if you're not quite ready to give up the dresses and skirts, grab some tights or knee-high socks and continue to saddle up.

For fall and winter you can balance your body canvas by adding longer duster cardigans or high-low tops.

There are so many available pieces at several price points that anybody can find a fashion item to enhance their personal style in plaid.

I suggest having three or four options so that you don't bore yourself over the next few months.

If you end up getting hooked though, no one will judge you. I'm sitting in plaid pajama pants as I wrote this... I already have problems 😛

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