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It's Your Prerogative: Tips to Stick to Your Own Terms

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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One of the biggest reasons people do not go for what they want or choose to live in ways that create the least amount of baggage is they don't stick up for themselves against the preferences of others.

We have limited options for doing this in the workplace as employees (though speaking up appropriately should never be frowned upon), however in our personal lives, we get to be the boss.

I spent a lot of time in the past trying to make sure I said the right thing or avoided doing something I wanted to do over the consideration of how it may be perceived by a family member or friend. When I found myself also doing it at work, I became a miserable person because I imprisoned myself.

I talk about this often to people I meet, but it was a Michael Jordan quote in the book The Jordan Rules, that changed my life. He responded to reporters that he "talked it over with myself" when asked who he had consulted with the Bulls organization in regard to his aggressive play.

It then occurred to me that one can never really "be happy" or "be themselves" if they are always making their choices based upon what they think other people prefer or want. Not to mention, how much does what other people prefer or want really matter when it comes to the parts of life that primarily only affect us, i.e. what do I want to eat, what do I want to wear, should I change jobs, do I want to go to college, etc?

Yes people should be consulted, but we have to know when their opinions are just opinions and simply exist to offer alternative perspective. We have to be confident in our own ability to take steps and reason with ourselves in order to set the direction of our dreams.

Watch below for some quick suggestions on how to get started:

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