Spring Forward With Your Style Personality

Has the psycho weather made anybody else forget that it is now officially Spring? Just me? That's fine...

In between my body getting sick from not knowing whether it should be warming up or cooling down and my closet having equal struggles, I decided that now is the best time to figure out exactly what is going to put some pep in my step through all this uncertainty.

Some days I want to go all glam because I miss dressing up but the cold weather and need for functionality at work sometimes make me think twice. I'm still opting for comfort for the next month or so but there are still plenty of fun and easy ways to add that element of surprise that we can try if we have not yet experimented during the winter.

Here's what you'll catch in my photos this spring:

Colored Hair

Photo: Rebloggy

There was a time when I would only rock red hair. However as I continued to grow my hair out, I decided I would no longer color it to keep it healthy. Thank God for wigs and extensions!

These days there is really no excuse to be afraid to try a different color. It is never permanent. My little one often insists on colors in her braids and recently at the hair store, she insisted on a colored bob for me. The color she liked is way out of my comfort zone but with Easter coming up, I'm feeling a bit festive.

Adding colored extensions or building up a wig collection is a quick and cost effective way to change up your look or personality once you learn to do it yourself. However if it is your first few go-rounds, just make sure you visit a stylist that specializes in installing whatever you have selected so that your own hair experiences little to no damage.

Transparent Nails

I despise going to the salon to get my nails done unless it's a pedicure. That's just me though. By the time I add up the time it takes to wait my turn or undergo the process and then pay upwards of $60 or more (because I like multi-color and designs), I just always leave with buyers remorse.

With that being said, I became one of those people who started learning to do their own nails. I am by no means a pro but I'm not afraid to experiment. I love the clear transparent nail look on most people I have seen them on with the decor encased within the gel or acrylic.

Spring is all about keeping things light and release of renewed energy, so I will be experimenting with this look for a bit. The jewels and embellishments on top of the nail never fail to fall off, get caught in my curls when styling, or get ripped off while working but they certainly fit the aesthetic I love. I'm going to go for some understated elegance this spring.

Cropped Tops & Sweaters

Growing up, one of my mom's greatest challenges for my sister and I was finding pants that were long enough to cover our legs. My legs are about half of my body. Due to "school rules" etc, I have become accustomed to finding tops and bottoms that emphasize length so that I wouldn't get in trouble in either environment.

As women these days, we are back to reclaiming our bodies and normalizing cropped bottoms and tops again, even when you are post-20's. At work, of course there needs to be more modesty, however my grocery and errand runs are going to get a lot more "adult friendly" and dressed for the weather!

When you put in the work of taking care of your body, what is the point of covering it up every day? A cropped top or sweater can be paired with your favorite pair of jeans, Bermuda shorts (if you keep it short on top, skip the skimpy on the bottom), or a lightweight skirt. I cropped top will also look fabulous underneath a jumpsuit.

The Single Earring

Photo: Bilan, Getty Images

Can we pretend for a few minutes that men wearing one earring isn't new just because Harry Styles and Lil Nas X have been doing it? Great, because we wouldn't be pretending! From Prince and Elton John to Keith Urban and Michael Jordan, men have included either one or two earrings in their style statements for years.

What's a little different recently is that, like the women we are who steal men's clothes and sometimes their jobs, we are now stealing their knack for sometimes doing just one earring.

Most women I know will wear one ear with one earring and the other ear with several but nowadays it is apparently no longer weird if you lose one of your earrings in the middle of the day. It is a fashion statement.

Can I walk out of the house with just one earring on intentionally? It isn't something I would normally feel comfortable doing so I'm going to do it a few times and let you know how it turns out and how many times people point out that I forgot it.

Straightened Up

Throwback to 2008

I usually only straighten my hair once or twice a year. It usually has nothing to do with getting heat damage and more to do with my laziness or lack of wanting to pay someone else to do it. My hair on it's own doesn't hold up well when straightened in the summer time and when it's cold, I often prefer my thick mane to keep my head warm.

This year, Spring and Summer, I'm going to put more effort into straight hair. Why? Because I actually enjoy wearing hats, which is hard for me to do with my fro. I also would like to indulge my fetish for hair clips and random up-dos, which are equally hard to accomplish with my fro as-is.

Honestly, guys and gals, I can't say what direction my style is heading for Spring but I doubt "polished" is going to be it.

What changes are you planning to make to your style personality and inner attitude this Spring that you normally wouldn't dare?

Hit like and then "Straight Up, Now Tell Me" if my inner Paula Abdul is giving you some information, please!

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