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Song Of The Week: No Boundaries

May 17 - May 23, 2020

Hello Team Uplift!

I didn't post a song of the week last week but I did have this one on repeat. It seems like since 2020 started, each month I have received news of a family member or friend of the family suddenly passing. This past week was no different. More bad news.

Every time someone passes, there is a slew of people echoing the sentiment that "life is short" or "hug someone you love" or "say what you need to say to people". My stance on this is it shouldn't take a death for people to think like this and for me, it doesn't.

What death does do for me is fuel my motivation to keep striving toward the goals I have in life. I don't believe my life is short. I believe my life will is long enough to fulfill my purpose. I believe my purpose to examine my own life and contribute to the lives and betterment of others. If I allow fears of death, sadness, fear, or other negative emotions that we all feel to take control of my vision of the future, that future is going to become extremely limited.

Living in limitation is when you end up in regret, in depression, in anger, or less than what you could have been. So this song of the week is to reflect on how much we have to continue working on staying mentally free!

For classic American Idol fans, this song was performed by both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert (who shares my birthday, by the way) as their Season 8 finale performances. This version is the studio version that Kris later recorded in a key more suited to his voice.

This song is frequent on my playlist whenever I'm feeling challenged by my ego (am I doing enough, am I where I thought I would be, and so forth). Thankfully I haven't had many of those questions lately but sometimes a girl needs a regular dose of stamina!

If you haven't heard this before, enjoy. If you know the words, use those lungs!

Courtesy of YouTube.

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