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Song of the Week: "Mama"

May 3, 2020 - May 9, 2020

With Mother's Day only five more days away, no doubt a lot of people have their mamas on the brain! If you haven't gotten a gift and a card already, let this song help you reflect on how you feel about your mom and identify what you love about her.

I realize that not everybody gets along with their mothers or even have a relationship with their moms. Some moms may have already passed on. Perhaps someone other than your actual mom has been a mom to you.

Whatever your situation is, if you have warm feelings about a woman that has watched over and taken care of you, this is one of the best songs around that can communicate them.

Courtesy of Youtube and Universal Music Group: Boyz II Men "Mama"

What other songs about strong or caring moms do you think about around Mother's Day or your mom's birthday?

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