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Small Acts

I am highly excited to finally be able to deliver these stress-reducers to three front-line workers this week as result of my Scentsy Birthday party last month.

Thanks to my partnership with Ms. Jessica Spencer and the support of those of you who participated, I earned enough to gift to a mail carrier, a smoothie shop manager, and a nursing facilitator, who were nominated for recognition of service, with a surprise!

If you missed out on this event, stay tuned for my Stress Awareness event happening this April for your chance to win one of several giveaway items to help you stay mentally motivated 🌞

The event will be both virtual and live at Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach! Details will be posted soon.

Whenever you find yourself feeling down, remember that the fastest way to start feeling up is by springing into action for someone else.

Sending a simple note or 📧 email, a quick phone call to check in, a short break for coffee or dessert, etc., can go a long way to boost your own mental health and that of another 🤝.

Preventing crime, suicide, and conflict through increased self-esteem and emotional coping methods is the goal here at Madam Uplift. When we start with truly seeing ourselves then others are no longer invisible.

What do you feel you are missing when it comes to having less stress?

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