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Shop My Scentsy Birthday Party to Share Some Sanity

Who is your favorite front-line worker?

Are you or someone you know constantly overwhelmed because there seems to be no relief from dealing with an uncooperative public, long hours in a mask, constant worry about distancing after work, or facing anxiety about Covid procedures?

I have been on both sides of the pandemic. In the beginning I was in the group of workers that was furloughed and shut down because the store I worked in sold clothing instead of food and general supplies. As I watched everyone struggle, both the working and the not working, the people who were being unsympathetic to the plights of both were the hardest to understand. There became this divide and judgment between the "essential" and "non-essential" groups that made absolutely no sense.

In late May 2020, we were allowed to reopen and the reactions by people refusing to cooperate with safety measures quickly began to take toll on the whole staff. Even now, in 2021 my team still has to remind grown adults to properly put a mask on or to stop trying on clothes in the middle of the store when we have signed, as much as possible, the safety measures that we are taking.

Almost all front-line workers are going through similar things, which is why I have teamed up with my Scentsy rep, Jessica, to send a little appreciation and recognition to the ones we personally know from Jan 29 and through Valentine's Day. By making a purchases from my Birthday Party page you will be able to nominate the Front-Line Worker of your choice to to receive a Scentsy relaxation donation. The more we support Jessica, the more I will be able to donate to those who don't have the option of working from home to keep the world moving.

Photo: Scentsy Instagram

About Jessica:

Jessica is in her early 30s and is now a stay at home mom of three, navigating through maintaining finances and schooling. She became a Scentsy consultant in August 2020 and began to feel a renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence. Jessica credits her Scentsy venture with healing her depression, forming new relationships, and fueling her passion of helping people to feel better. She is very excited to partner with me in helping hard workers to get FREE Scentsy product from people who love them.

About Scentsy:

Scentsy has been in business since 2003 and began out of the desire to provide safer alternatives to providing fragrance in the home other than candles. Wax melts are available for sale along with decorative warmers, in addition to self care products, pet products, home products, and auto. Scentsy is part of the Direct Selling Association, has won numerous awards, and has over 1,000 consultants.

Make plans to shop with us and also join our Facebook group if you have a Facebook account to discover new items, ask questions, and place orders with Jessica! Even though Valentine's Day is coming up, don't forget to treat yourself!

I thank you in advance for joining our small initiative! Click here to browse the shop and join the group so that Jessica can teach you how to save by bundling!

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