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Ramp Up Your Romper

In the words of Will Smith "Summer, summer summer Time...." (song voice). It's here and it's leg time, arm time, toe time, and face time!

Although I am pretty "tough" in personality, I love girly, lady-like clothes! I enjoy skirts, a dress you can throw on in an effortless way, and a superb one-piece jumpsuit. What I love about full-pieced looks is you don't need to be under a size 12 in order to be able to look stunning in them.

I love this black and silver shimmer romper I found during the spring at These pictures are of me finally putting it on and my first version of styling it. I really enjoyed pairing it with blue, though usually I gravitate towards reds and golds.

If you come across a romper that you feel is too low-cut for day wear, you can always sneak a muted tank underneath or cover the bareness with a set of layered necklaces, or even a silky neck scarf that has a long drape.

If you find yourself in the position of appearing that the romper is too short, to minimize the appearance of trashy, instead of typically adding a sheer or opaque pair of tights, try some lycra or leatherette leggings that don't compete with the print or colors of your look. You also want to make sure that they extend all the way to your shoe to prevent looking as if you just worked out and threw clothes on top.

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Confidently pair your romper with a simplistic bag such as a clutch, crossbody, or backpack that lacks heavy embellishing or a rival pattern. It would be best to avoid an oversized bag as well because you don't want your adoring fans to be confused about where they should be focusing their eyesight.

Wondering where else you can get flirty or fiesty in your romper? Hair and shoes! Sometimes we want to be sharp, chic, and classy. Sometimes we want to be feisty, sassy, and wild. The hair and shoes are the best places to make those decisions when you adorn a statement suit that contains a lot of texture or detail. You can go as muted or as monumental as you wish to complement your taste.

If you are stumped about when and where to wear your romper, consider your personality and the functionality you need for your day. If you are allowed to wear such a look for work, you can pair a short-sleeve romper with a blazer or long cardigan and be sure to find a length that hits near the top of your knee.

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If you have plans to throw one on for lunch, a halter neck or spaghetti strapped option. You can also consider wonderful fabrics for comfort such as eyelets, seersucker, cotton blends, or lace. If you are seeking a night look, you can go with sequins, sheer, or even a silky fabric to make it more dressy. A night look is also a great time to experiment with a strapless romper or something a bit shorter that does not need to be modest or appropriate for daytime.

Don't be intimidated by age, either. A romper is not just for youth. An older woman can wear one in a simplistic complimentary color to their skin tone with short sleeves or long ones. Younger ladies can choose whimsical prints and bold colors that show a bit more skin.

Fashion often is not about what you are wearing but what you do with it.

When you get dressed for the day or for the night, remember this message from Anne Klein: "Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will." Don't take the way you look or the way you dress too seriously but don't fail to pay attention to it, either. Your clothes should bring you a certain energy. What is your romper giving you? Do you have one yet?

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