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Lace Up To Let Loose: Quality Time Benefits of Families Hitting the Rinks

Parents: Make sure we are teaching these kids to skate! Not everything should be passed down from our own childhoods but skating, roller or on ice, most certainly should.

Last night I had my first outting in years to the skating rink for family night. I took my 4yr old and her 8yr old friend. It didn't go as smooth in the beginning but at least these two were willing to give it a go and get past their fear of others whizzing by.

I'm very proud of them because they were both relentless in getting back up after a fall. *It also helped that several adults fell too -- me NOT included because I still got it!)

Reasons the rink was a great thing for all of us:

• I got to be a kid again and not spend an ounce of energy of adult problems. I got to focus on teaching and applauding them (I locked my phone in a locker) instead of trying to make

• Time spent creating new memories. I don't know how much of her childhood my kid will remember but I'm happy to think that much of it will be that she had time with her mom, despite my being the breadwinner. My work thus far has not robbed her of a parent.

• Nurturing the village... As parents, we should be watching over and providing guidance to the friends of our kids as well. I grew up watching my mom and my friends parents take turns hosting us and introducing us to new experiences.

So mask up and take your family skating when you can. The three of us are excited to go back! It was beautiful to see kids my daughter's age and people 60+ out there showing off! In the end we all need the reminder to just LIVE

and spend time doing things we like with people we like.

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