Hallowed Be Thy Style: No Costume, No Problem!

One of the crazy things about Halloween night is that it sneaks up on you! If you have been stuck working all month with no time to shop or too tired from planning and organizing the perfect Halloween setup for your kids, sometimes you either forget or lose interest in putting together your own costume!

If you have spent all your money on Halloween decor or just haven't been able to order a costume online at the last minute, chances are you have items in your closet or at your nearest retailer that you can put together into festive Halloween look. Whether you are greeting trick or treaters or changing your mind about attending that Halloween party, I've got you covered:

Obvious Orange:

Some people hate wearing orange and still won't touch it come October and November. However if you are one of the brave souls courageous enough to go for it, you don't necessarily have to pair it with black.

Doing an orange monochrome head-to-toe or using it as an accent piece under greys, browns, or whites signals your willing to pump out the Halloween spirit wherever you dare to show up.

The Witch and the Wardrobe:

Although he has elevated the color Purple, Prince isn't the only one capable of mesmerizing the masses in it. From sweaters and joggers to lace and jackets, wearing loads of purple for Halloween is a treat for everyone.

If you have a purple cape or a long purple skirt, you can exude the witch or the wizard persona without the extra props or crazy makeup. Add a black hat and you can place anyone you wish under your spell.

In This World or the Next:

Some of the best costume ideas ever come in black or green, from the Ninja Turtles and the Joker to Darth Vader and the classic Skeleton. Why choose? This Halloween pair your green accessories with an all-black or black and white layered ensemble to ooze mystery and alien.

You can have some fun with a green wig or hair wax, green pumps or rain boots, or incorporate green arm jewelry to harness your powers. This is also the perfect look to add your spider earrings, cat headbands, or skull necklaces without getting side-eyed.

To Mummy or to Ghost?

It's probably going to be cold in several cities during Halloween night so there's perfect excuse to get wrapped up! White after labor IS a thing and party night is set up for all the fringe, texture, and white boots you can find! The right pieces from your closet can give you into a mental patient vibes or high profile doctor/scientist.

An all-white look for gentleman presents as a groomsman or spiritual leader while ladies can pull off a simplified NASA astronaut with sporty or utilitarian gear or a ballet dancer in a white bodysuit and lightweight skirt.


If you haven't already gone through your closet or figured out your backup plan if you don't have a costume, hopefully some of these tips and galleries are helpful! Since I am making Grace's costume, I did not even think about myself! Check back here on Monday to see how her vampire costume turned out!

Drop your social media or email me a pic if you used any of these ideas!

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