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Stand Clear of the Closing Doors: How to Avoid Regret When There Is Nothing Left

Before I begin sharing this video, if you do not follow me on social media but you follow the blog, thank you for allowing my time of pause to allow for the grieving process. My father passed on May 2, this year unexpectedly, and in dealing with his final affairs I am also dealing with the new reality that exists in my world.

Not only did May bring my father passing but it has also brought a lot of loss in the work environment. I am grateful that I have began intensely studying stress and coping in order to keep myself healthy despite the lack of commitment that some people tend to have and the lack of leadership that others choose to portray. In a nutshell, I am still sane!

In acknowledging that several people I know are in some sort of transition, from changing jobs after several years with the same employer, to moving to a new home, to taking in new pets... it can be overwhelming to think about the doors that are about to close and what will be on the other side.

Watch my latest video below to learn four ways to feel less anxious about life changes that signal the end of an era.

If this video brings you any value, don't forget to like on my YouTube channel and share to your loved ones who may be coping with a major life shift.

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