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How Lucky Can You Get? (Pt 1)

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

5 Ways to Summon Mind-blowing Opportunities

Everything begins with intention. No matter what culture you grew up with, whether spiritual or not, you have without a doubt been taught that performing or believing in a particular behavior will invite a specific result.

Some stories may be superstitions like carrying a rabbit's foot, wishing on a dandelion, or never putting your purse on the floor. Others may be celebratory such as eating special foods for New Year's Day, wearing green for St. Patrick's Day, or never seeing a bride before a wedding.

None of these are wrong to practice if you have found that your belief in them has rang true more often than not-- such as for me, picking up a penny in my path leads to favorable news. However, in this piece I have written down some ways I believe you can benefit from a greater likelihood of manifesting your desires with more predictability.

Keep reading for the first 4 tips on how you can look forward to better days whenever you wish!

Tip #1 - Develop your intuition

The reason you don't trust your intuition and you second-guess yourself constantly is you don't believe in your own voice. You can't spend your entire life being a follower and getting opinions. Do more without getting permission and without the belief that there is only one path. Practice going with your first choice, doing activities alone, and going the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Are you being unlucky because you don't pick what you want?

Tip #2 - Study

I may be in the minority but one the most annoying excuses I hear when people say they can't have something is "I don't know how to do it" or "I've never done that before." How do you solve that problem? You learn it!

We are now in the age where unless you are homeless or have absolutely no access to a phone or computer, there is absolutely no reason for adults to not teach themselves new information.

You can get a library account, read at Barnes & Noble for free and use internet, watch videos online, take free classes, or ask someone to borrow their equipment. Choosing to not study and learn your topic of interest means no lucky breaks if the opportunity arises!

"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential." – John Maxwell

Tip #3 - Speak up

I get it... some people never want to be the "first" but sometimes that person needs to be you! When you notice something important or feel that you have something to contribute, you do the world a disservice when you keep your mouth shut. You cannot let yourself be intimidated by how others might react because you might find out you assumed wrong.

Whenever I advertise for Madam Uplift or ask for feedback, it isn't always comfortable. Sometimes I have to reach out to my daughter's teacher for response regarding projects or grading. There have been times I have had to request loans or present a case in court. I've learned that the more you do something, the easier it can get. Where are you lacking the confidence to speak up in order to get more help or to offer your talents?

Tip #4 - Take Action and Risks

Isn't magical how children can hurt themselves and get right back up to try the same thing all over again? Why don't we do that more as adults?

Do you find yourself hostage to the concept of "security"? The more you accept that a situation can change at any moment, whether it be a job, a stock balance, a reputation, a marriage, or health, the more you will be willing to try new ways to enjoy what you already have.

It isn't "having" a lot of things or popularity that makes one lucky. Seemingly charmed people have downfalls, too. Good fortune is the ability to keep pushing forward no matter what hand gets dealt. If you want a life that is more fulfilling you must be willing to strap up and do the climb. You will notice that people will be interested in climbing with you, so go for things instead of being afraid of them!

"It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at the line for the rest of your life." - Unknown

Tip #5 - Stop Isolating

No one can bring you good fortune if they don't know you exist. Simultaneously how can you service anyone if they don't know you exist. You do not need to be a social media influencer to create some positive vibes and bring luck your way but you do need to be putting yourself out there in the universe somehow!

You can host or attend some events for causes you care about or things you like to do. You can join organizations, offer to teach skills, provide care services, or volunteer in order to meet new people. I value my alone time as much as anyone else but being an "introvert" is no reason to not be productive. Working from home, parenting, solo travel and all that is great but too much isolation has been proven to be a burden on mental health.

Where can you create more fun? Where can you go that is new? How can you make yourself more approachable? People want to make money with people who make them feel good and they want to support people that they feel are contributing to their life. Find ways that you can say "I'm here"!

Put these into practice...

This post is part of my focus on developing spirituality during Spiritual Awareness Month. I encourage you to be more confident in taking your place in this world and cultivating your gifts. Try out these 5 tips until I post Part 2 of this series next week, and embrace the good fortune that is on it's way to you.

Need more help? Request a private session so that I can help you put focus on the self-compassion area that is keeping you blocked.

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