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Have You Met Your Future Self?

Do you ever sit and think about how the current you is the future you of the past? Facebook probably helps with that a lot whenever they decide to showcase your memories from about 10 years ago or whenever it was you joined. Honestly sometimes those posts give me so much gratitude that I am no longer in a particular circumstance or feeling a disappointing way. Other times I look back and smile.

My future has not at all been what I thought it would be on the birds eye view. However once I break things down into the details, I can clearly see where I have been able to manifest some of my heart's desires. The last three years feels like an earthquake came and wiped out what used to be reality but in a strange way I'm feeling more hopeful than ever before... more mentally secure.

This past weekend as I reflected on how often I have to work to merge the worlds of past, present, and future, I decided to write a letter to myself from the me three months from now. As I said before, the grand scale of life does not look much like I pictured it would be, but things have happened that remind me that planted seeds are not dead. I found the "Letter from My Future Self" extremely helpful because it was like putting my own wishes into a magic lamp for me to request from the genie later. There is a lot of advice out there urging everyone to stay in the present but sometimes the present isn't enough to pull someone through their pain.

There are times that the only thing holding someone together is the promise of a better future. I remember being that someone many times over the years: when I dealt with unemployment and unexpected layoff in New York City in my early twenties, when I had to leave behind many of my belongings more than once due to instability, and when people I treated better than they treated me disregarded it all to leave me hanging. The problems of today can often threaten to rob you of your identity but when you can firmly center who you are into impacting your own future, there are little oppositions short of tragedies that can make a mockery of the life you have.

If you have not yet written a short-term (3-6 months) letter yourself in 2nd person "You", with compassion for all that you may be enduring at the present moment, I wish that you will take 20 minutes to encourage yourself and write your vision. It is not important that you know exact whens or hows in this process, but most importantly that you design what you see for yourself which may be on the path to achievement.

Some things you may design for yourself may include:

  1. Progress you would like to see within your family

  2. Progress you would like to see within your career

  3. Progress you would like to see within yourself

  4. How you have impacted your home or community

  5. How you have created new habits to replace bad ones

  6. How you have shifted perspective or networks

  7. How you have improved relationships or skills

While writing my letter to myself I felt a sense of pride, gratitude, and empowerment. The things I wish to see felt more real and possible. I was able to talk to myself with kindness and mercy about the things that may not be resolved yet. I am able to revisit this letter over the next three months when I am feeling confusion, misaligned, or self-critical. I wrote my letter in my journal but you can write it on your phone, computer, or stationery and place it where it is easily accessible to you.

This letter isn't so much to motivate you as it is to remind you of all you can manifest once the time has passed. Vision and design is all about pulling reality from the imagination through consistent focus on it. We all have power to create reality even when we can't always control the timing. Use your letter when you feel there is no more fuel in the tank, that no one is listening, or that life is happening to you rather than for you. Your letter will inspire you to "get prepared" for what could be coming within a few short months.

You will now have things to look forward to and to help you see beyond your current battles until you find a way to win them... or at least learn from them. Even if you find that you still have unanswered questions, you may see that you are better able to cope with not knowing yet or will be better equipped to understand the answers when they are revealed.

"There is a lot of advice out there urging everyone to stay in the present but sometimes the present isn't enough to pull someone through their pain."

I am rooting for you so hard for you to talk to you better than anyone! Encourage yourself with the utmost esteem as you set your story. I hope you will come back and drop a note about your experience and who you have become over the next 3-6 months. Share this challenge with a friend and subscribe to catch more insights to celebrate Spiritual Awareness Month. You can also find me on Instagram and TikTok as @madamuplift.