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Go All In For Others

There are a lot of crappy things happening in the U.S. right now. I can be the first to admit it.

Our country is torn apart and there basically is civil war going on on many fronts. Half the nation hates the President and he hates half of them. The "essential" workers are mad at the "non-essential" workers.

The bigots, racists, and silent are on the other side of the line from the protesters, the oppressed, and the enlightened. There's even divide between people who will and will not wear a mask in public.

But one thing I hope everyone can agree on is that sometimes regardless of what your beliefs are, either you or someone you know gets dealt a shitty hand.

Businesses are still closed. Schools are still closed. Senior citizens still struggle to get care along with the uninsured and under insured. People are looking for jobs or fighting for better wages.

I can't allow myself to feel helpless or powerless. I came across #theallinchallenge last month which supports several nonprofit organizations that provide meals to children, vulnerable families, front line workers, and senior citizens.

After perusing the site thanks to Leonardo Di Caprio mentioning his involvement (we all know he puts his money where his mouth is), I was very inspired to give well beyond the $10 minimum they ask for. I hope you will feel the same.

Please watch my video below and visit to decide if you can help.

Regardless of the chaos in our country right now, it is still my country. These are still my people. I still choose to focus on taking care of my own when given the chance and given the means. Let's just be American.

♥️ MU

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