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Fierce, Black, and Fabulous: Frederick Jones

I don't look like it but just three years ago I was unloading tractor trailers full of frozen meat, frozen dairy, milk, cheese, frozen veggies, and everything else. I did it in shoes that most truck drivers were shocked I could unload in.

The right equipment and the right team can make magic and keep people alive. Why was I doing this? I was an assistant manager at the largest grocery chain in America and sometimes good help was hard to find.

Courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society

Frederick Jones knew that we would all need some good help. This self-taught engineer is the one we all need to thank for being able to deliver anything that needs to refrigerated as well as advancements in the film industry, and communications.

That's 100% correct. Without Mr. Jones, the Covid vaccines that most people are scrambling to get would likely not be possible to mass distribute.


* High School Dropout who began working in auto mechanics

* World War I Army Sergeant who specialized as an electrician

* Created the first known portable X-Ray machine

Getty Images

* Invented automatic ticketing for movie theaters

* Consultant to the US Dept of Defense and the US Bureau of standards

* First Black inventor to receive the National Medal of Technology (by President H.W. Bush)


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