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Are You Living A Gray Life?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Whenever people say they are living "in color", generally they are not referring to their clothes. They are referring to their choices, their voice, their lifestyles, and their self-assurance.

Everyone is not created to be outspoken, extroverted, or a larger than life personality. It doesn't mean, though, that we can equally be created to be stellar and exceptional at the things we do and how we do them.

"The service of helping others to cope with their messy lives so that they don't take them or hurt someone else became the focal point by which I can eventually use my other talents." ~ Madam Uplift

As I was doing the dishes (my favorite time next to driving for motivational listening) I came across this gem of an audio by Dr. Myles Munroe. If you are unfamiliar with him, he was a Bahamian minister who passed away in 2014. Not only was he a spiritual teacher but a logical teacher.

Do you feel right now that life is living you more than you are living your life? If so, there could be many reasons for feeling stuck in an endless cycle of lack of progress, but as this audio points out, perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin with what you choose to care about and pay attention to.

Some people are blessed with many talents or find themselves in a situation where they are pulled in many different directions. They find it hard to make decisions or choose a direction. They either care too much about it all or they stop caring period.

Perhaps you haven't found yourself to be at quite this extreme but I know that I have had many years or moments of frustration where it is necessary to decide "What is the MAIN" thing? Once Madam Uplift was born, so was my clarity. The service of helping others to cope with their messy lives so that they don't take them or hurt someone else became the focal point by which I can eventually use my other talents.

By sharing this audio, perhaps you too, will ponder on some areas of your life about how you spend your time and where you place your confidence. Dr. Munroe defines the indecision and the "dabbling" as being "Gray" because of the lack of deciding a direction of black, white, up down, east, west, or other definite point.

I learned that I sometimes live "Gray" when I had a personality test done for a management position years ago and the conductor said about my results, "You are an interesting person because you rarely swing to one extreme or the other." That is because I have had to spend so much of my life learning to adapt to my surroundings to manage my stress and survive instead of experiencing much of my life on offense to bend the universe to my will.

Listening to this audio reminded me how far I have come in learning to better live on offense and not "let life live me" as a friend put it. There are some moments where it is still a struggle, but I rarely ever now feel out of control of my options or taking action. Even when things go bad, I have learned that they are "inconveniences" and "there is always help on the way", so I do not panic or lose my shit as often and I would be tempted in the past.

If you identify as atheist or other form of religion that does not recognize the Bible or God, you may find some of the references here to be inapplicable but I do think that anyone can listen with the intent to learn and find something that will push them forward in a more definite direction if you follow through until the end.

So as you drive or sit in your car during lunch or sit in the bathtub, etc., give this a listen and color up your focus in life to be happier, less stressed, and less distracted with the cards you have been given.

Video by Motivation Time

If you get any value from this video or other post, remember to share Madam Uplift with your loved ones or coworkers. The more people we have operating from a place of enthusiasm and focus, the more productive and safer we can be as a community.

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