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Are You Being Manipulated by Self-Pity or By Someone Who Has It?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Sometimes even Madam Uplift needs uplift!

The truth is that the name Madam Uplift came to me because I needed a name that would hold me accountable. I do not like who I am when I am mad at someone, mad at myself, or mad at the world. I need instant release.

If you are like me, when something negative has been persistent or things take inconveniently longer, or people mistreat you to the point of disbelief... at times you just need to check yourself!

If you follow my social media (which you should be!) I talked about listening to a video in the car the other day because I was already having a morning that did not feel well. There were many factors: the night before I didn't have the energy to clean as much as I wanted so I was annoyed with my messy kitchen; I had designing to do for Madam Uplift but I had to go to my FT job; and I was thinking of my monthly expenses and what to handle that day.

Some days just feel like they are entirely too much and we can feel like we are coming up short or just need a time of rest that isn't available at that time. I could feel my negative emotions building up but I knew that I couldn't walk into a building full of coworkers who have nothing to do with my issues and have an attitude.

So what did I do? If you follow my social media (again, you should be following @MadamUplift on Instagram or India Celeste on Facebook), you'll remember I started singing "Rough Side of the Mountain" to myself until I started listening to a video in the car to help me to process through my outlook. I am positing them here as well because there may be a day soon (maybe today) for you that starts off the way mine did and you will need a little bit of distraction or encouragement through turning your mentality around.

This video is by Rick Paris and in it he discusses how people can sometimes find themselves stuck in misery because they wait for someone else to change their circumstances for them. You will learn how to identify the signs of self-pity within yourself as well as when people are using their own self-pity to manipulate you.

He also talks about where you can start to turn your self-pity around if you have been consistently or chronically struggling with self-pity throughout your life. You can save this video to your "Watch Later" library in Youtube or bookmark this page to watch when you are ready to receive some excellent insight.

If you are not familiar with the song "Rough Side of the Mountain" and you need a bit of reassurance that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed or "singled-out" by the rainy days in your life, take a listen and hopefully find comfort. Sing it to yourself on the next rough day and see how quickly your start to feel triumphant despite whatever you are going through.

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