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APRIL Giveaway: Pure Romance

Nope, not talking about starting a new relationship-- unless it's with our summer skincare. If you have ever experienced having to try a carousel of creams and moisturizers to keep your skin from still feeling dry after you've applied them, now is a great time to try a body oil.

If you are not already familiar, body oils help to seal in moisturizer for your skin for a longer period of time, much like when applied to the hair or nails. Options like Capri Dream Body Dew by Pure Romance can be misted on after a shower or consistent exposure to the sun. Those of us with tattoos also benefit from body oils since it keeps them looking fresh and minimizing peeling or fading.

So with that being said, as we prepare to head into May, one lucky winner will receive TWO hydrating body oils to try, a $44 value, in scents Capri Dream and Amour!

In order to win, Meet Charlene, who is a few months shy of one year as an independent consultant with Pure Romance. Charlene prepared a video interview discussing why PR is not only a great company to align with professionally if you are seeking a creative way to make extra cash, but why it offers so much variety and fun to consumers because of the products available. I made no edits to the video as I wanted it to be in her own words.

Love what you hear? Click on the link below the video to see what additional products are available. Leave a comment below this post with a 😍 if you find another product you like and leave a 💵 if you think you would have a blast at a Pure Romance party in order to enter! And if you REALLY want to win: Subscribe to Madam Uplift to stay updated on monthly giveaways and receive TWO ADDITIONAL entries!

The giveaway is open until Friday, May 1 at 6p. The winner will be announced via Instagram and Facebook @madamuplift so be sure to check in! The winner will need to contact me within 36 hours to claim the prize!

Comments are only valid when left on this page. DO NOT reply to Instagram and Facebook as an entry. I'm looking forward to picking this month's winner!

Do you have additional questions for Charlene? Click here to contact her!

Get that skin ready!!!

*Note: This giveaway is not affiliated with Pure Romance, Instagram, or Facebook. Sole responsibility of the operation of this giveaway is by random drawing of eligible participants.

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