Revive Your Right To Restart: 6 Strategies to Turn the Page

If you are reading this then you can be counted as one of the "lucky' ones to have survived last year's Covid-19, family crises, workplace drama, bad romances, parental challenges, and personal uncertainty. No doubt there have been some highs in 2020 as well, and now that the year has shifted into a new one, it is here that we must keep the focus and hope.

No matter where you are on your personal journey at the moment, from being absolutely certain of what you want to being in shambles and not having a clue, there will always be some sort of new beginning and next chance on the horizon.

The fact of the matter is that sometimes even the blessings in life can make us feel heavy. We can appreciate the ways that the universe has looked out for us and at the same time feel like we don't have enough juice to sustain it or can't seem to make ourselves feel worthy of it. Other times we may feel guilty because we got what we wanted and it still doesn't feel like it's enough.

On the flip side of the spectrum, maybe this year you really wanted to just kill yourself or just let everything go. Maybe you had more times of feeling less strong than times you didn't. Maybe it has been a lonely time, a painful time, and a time of loss. Maybe it has been a time of defeat, of overwhelm, of just plain not giving a f**kness.


As we keep the focus on staying mentally and physically centered, we can manage the stress that comes along with the "doing" part of our agenda. Here are 6 strategies to pull you back to gravity when life starts getting out of this world:

1) PACE YOURSELF - Depending on our personality, our first inclination is either to completely stall and freeze or we dive straight into overdrive and action whenever we are faced with something new. Sometimes we are pressured to make quick decisions on others' behalf and sometimes we don't have enough information to make an informed choice.

The best thing to do is to be aware of others' expectations and respond with what you know, but take the time needed in giving that response. Recognize the sometimes the answer is "I cannot do X within this time frame" or "I need help to complete X by this time frame." If you are able to get started without burnout, then gather your enthusiasm and be a rockstar!

Add a note in your planner or calendar for the day before due date to keep track of tasks. If you do actually need help or additional tools, dedicate and execute a time to ensure resources.

2) MASTER THE PRESENT - This for me has been an area that I have had to give additional focus. There is a side of me that sees so far into the future that I can miss today's details, and then there is a side of me that gets obsessed with preventing the negative cycles of the past that I can spend too much time there, too!

There are two ways that I have consciously chosen to make myself slow down and stay in the present: scheduled meditation with a timer and fitness sessions. You can come up with various ways of making sure that you have dedicated time to which you are not consciously working to solve a life problem, such as cooking, painting, reading (doesn't count if you are reading about a life problem!), sports, etc.

You should come up with at least two things that would give you an instant sense of accomplishment once you complete it. Ideally they should be something that you can do in 30 minutes to an hour without distraction, therefore eliminating barriers and excuses about not doing it. Having at least 2 activities to do when you feel sucked in by the past or too overwhelmed by the future can help manage stress levels enough to see both with better perspective.