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6 Reasons To Always Buy Clothes

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I'm going to start this off by warning you that this, basically rant, has come about due to my irritation with some resources I've been using in the financial area of life. Part of it could be that I've spent the bulk of my life working in the fashion and related service industries. Part of it could be I'm a bit vain when it comes to my adoration of image as indirect means of communication of the self. Part of it could be because as much as I'm an optimist who thrives on belief and imagination, I'm also practical when it comes to matters of the physical state of humanity.

To be honest though, most of this post is that I flat out disagree that not buying clothes is a good strategy to financial and mental health. There are lots of books, videos, and articles out there that talk about ways to spend less money or save less money. There are literally thousands of experts out there that you could choose from to help you given whatever situation you are in and why you want a financial makeover. I have learned a lot once I sat down and really thought about my habits about where I could make adjustments-- adjustments that have actually been working.

Keep reading and I will outline them near the end of the post. You don't want to miss my feud with the style snipers. I genuinely believe that when people say to stop buying clothes in order to have more cash on hand that they are either a) truly trying to be helpful because they don't think it's important or b) are not communicating that they mean don't overspend or fail to think it through. If I'm wrong, I should be right.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Andrew Maslow's Hierarchy. You may not feel it has any merit, and that is totally fine... but for the sake of this argument, I do. I don't particularly care which order you would place each need in the triangle because each person is different and prioritizes differently. I am making the argument that clothes pretty much fit into each section, both physical and emotional, when it comes to the human experience. Granted, the country you live in and the economic means you may have play factors in how grand or minute clothing has in your life, but either way, there is effect.

You will need a certain type of clothing to keep you cool and a certain type to keep you warm. You will need a certain type of clothing for going to work and a certain type for house-chores or fitness. You will need clothing to convey a certain message in regard to beliefs or religion as well as for certain life events. Clothing is also a reflection of how you want to fit in or what group or organizations you align with.

The need/want for clothing will never go away, nor should it. What we choose to wear, no matter how professional, how basic, or how trendy affects how we feel about ourselves and how other people relate to us either in business, romantically, or in building culture. You do not need to listen to people who tell you to stop shopping to look and feel good. All you need to do is be smart about how you do it. Here's my take on 6 items you should never feel guilty about buying when it's time to invite some new fabric into the family...

1) Undergarments. We all have those favorite undies, yes men, you too... However, we have to admit that there comes a time that the Shout spray and detergent have done all they can do in salvaging the condition of our crotch huggers and we have to let them go. I have heard stories of people keeping underwear long after they get holes in them or are overly stained or rarely ever upgrade. I've even heard of it as a business but I'm not about to even talk about that. Well you are totally missing out on the feeling of hitting the lottery when you buy a fresh set of smooth butt buddies to put on after that shower. I get that some people prefer to skip undies altogether but if that isn't you, you have my absolute permission to buy panties, briefs, boxers, etc., guilt-free-- especially if you have under 18-21 pairs.

2) Shoes/Footwear. Flats, boots, sneakers, heels, sandals, loafers... they all serve their purpose and all are subject to personal preference. Some people are fitness junkies and will need various types of sneakers from cross-trainers to running shoes. Some people are office professionals or entertainers and need something fresh and versatile to wear with their ever-changing suits or event attire.

Some people refuse to do heels or dress-shoes and feel most comfortable in cute flats or practical shoes for unloading trucks or other high performance activity. This is why there is so much variety of styles and materials for footwear, and unless we don't, we all have feet. Footwear is meant to protect our feet and enhance whatever outfit we need for the moment, which constantly changes. Find your budget but buy your shoes.

3) Outerwear. Need a blazer? Get it. Need a new coat? Get it. Need a new cardigan? Get it. Why? How about why not? Blazers work in the professional, celebratory, and casual settings when you want to show somebody that you are about that life. Who wants to be out in the rain or snow without a coat that fits, is clean, and matches the temperature? This means sometimes you need more than one.

When a blazer is too hot or too overdressed, a sweater or cardigan is the perfect fit for that cold office or an environment where modesty is required. Also awesome, you can find them as opulent or as understated as you prefer. When you want to go dark and sleek or when you want to shine bright like a diamond, all of these options are the better half to have on your arms.

4) Collared Shirts. I have such an appreciation for collared shirts and even I don't have enough of them. What I love is they look absolutely sharp on both men and women. They come in various fabrics, colors, and designs. You can look business-like and wear with a jacket or some dress bottoms, or you can be more casual in jeans, frilly skirts or even shorts. I've noticed I pick collared shirts whenever I don't really want to think about what I' wearing but I want to look like I cared.

Another time I wear a collared shirt? When I feel like I need to get shit done-- when I need to jump into productivity. As I type this I'm sitting in a collared athleisure shirt. Get you some more collared shirts if you only have two or three and invest in the versatility if you are choosing clothes wisely. You'll thank me later.

5) Basics. These are staples for everybody and are usually the least harsh on the wallet. Everybody needs basics: kids, men, women, teens... no-brainer. You can't wear basics everywhere you need to go but most times they will be all you want to wear whenever you plan on staying. You'll always need T-shirts, sweatpants, jersey shorts, socks, hoodies, leggings, and other simplistic styles because they will likely be worn the most and washed the most.