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6 Life Hacks Inspired By "Cool Hand Luke" (1967)

Updated: May 18, 2022

I finally did it! I've wanted to relaunch myself on YouTube for about six years now! Fun fact: around 2013 my brother helped me record a video series called "Streetlight People" (yes, based on Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'), which was a series of motivational videos.

I never took them down if you are curious. However once I relocated, life was hectic and self-producing wasn't something I could prioritize. Now I have more skills, more practice, and more ideas!

If you don't know, I have started courses in journalism and media with a goal to transition out of retail management by July 2021. I will continue to share those as I complete them, but in the meantime, why wait to jump in even further?

I would greatly appreciate the support of MadamUplift TV, which will supplement this written site with video content. I intend to upload at least once a week while I balance my holiday work schedule and parenting. I am confident that after December I will be able to upload more frequently.

Content will continue to cover motivational perspectives, fashion concepts, and current events. I would also love to incorporate interviews and community event coverage. For now I am still a one woman show but I look forward to many collaborations and opportunities to grow my community.

Please take a moment to check out this week's video below for some inspiration to play your cards right, even when you're not holding all the best cards. Like, share, and comment with your favorite life hack from the film!

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