You don't have to be a mom yourself to know that it is a difficult yet rewarding job. Even if you don't have the greatest relationship with your mom there may be things about her that you can admire or wish were better for her. Perhaps your mom or the mom of someone close to you has passed but you still feel the sadness or the connection. Maybe you feel joy when you think about them.

Maybe you wish you were a mom and can relate to the value of an amazing childcare provider or foster care mom. Perhaps you had one while growing up yourself. Maybe you are, you had, or you know a mom that is struggling to be one and constantly appears to be failing... or a mom that has lost a child and therefore Mother's Day can be a tough one.

Some moms, come Mother's Day, can feel very invisible. All moms are not going to get the acknowledgment, a gift, or any kind of hug. Some moms are dealing with incredible feelings of guilt or the inability to forgive themselves for things that they have done wrong. 

Where you come in is to help me write a max of 10 sentences for each type of mom I've listed below. The sentences should be encouraging or hopeful about how they may be feeling come Mother's Day or what kind of mom they perceive themselves to be. Perhaps you can encourgage from your own experience or what you have witnessed from someone you know. You do not need to write something for each woman if you don't feel compelled. Just fill in the form(s) with the types of women you think you can help push forward and feel recognized. 

I will compile all the sentences into a post and prepare it for a Mother's Day publish. No doubt several moms will be on social media to see our letters!

The Moms:

  • Incarcerated Moms

  • Moms battling illness 

  • Moms battling addictions

  • Moms who foster or adopted children

  • Moms who provide childcare for others

  • Moms who passed (acknowledgment)

  • Moms whose children/child passed

  • Moms struggling with the responsibility of parenting

  • Moms who are providers

  • Moms who stay at home 

  • Moms who can't always remember 

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