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Create & Pace Total Body
India Celeste, Create & Pace Total Body

Break Down the Stress. Build Up the Body.

Stress does not discriminate due to age, weight, personal interests, relationship status, or career. Neither should our strategies for wellness and performance! 


As your NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I prioritize your goals, collaboration, and versatility into your workout design. My goal is to teach you how to stay mentally motivated to stay active and self-monitor until we position you to maintain stability, strength, and performance without a trainer. Most clients can hit their goals within six months, but with me we move at the best pace for your situation and desired outcome. 

My Create & Pace Total Body program highly focuses on stress reduction that results in physical and behavior change. We are not confined to the gym or the home. We explore  and keep the workout environment versatile and creative to reduce boredom. Your workouts will be tailored to your fitness level and health history to ensure maximum safety and progression. 

Purpose Action

Much like our bodies operate as a collection of systems, so should our fitness training! When you become a Create & Pace TB client, I start you off with a nutrition Quick Guide and macros recommendation based upon your initial health assessment. You will also receive my custom Fitness Journal to help you track your progress, goals, and favorite workouts to build your confidence in your growth. 


Prefer digital tracking? That's an option, too! Your workouts, assessments, and nutrition tracking will be available for you in an app for both Apple or Android upon your paid monthly training package. In case of emergency or illness, you will still be able to access your scheduled workout and you will enjoy digital check-ins from me throughout the week to keep you accountable and inspired.

More Than Muscles

Whether you are new to structured exercise, a performer or athlete, or returning due to a transition, personal training is not just for the elite or the young. Schedule your free health assessment with me if you are interested in:

  • Increasing your mobility to minimize pain or increase activity

  • Help with safe and effective weight loss that you gain the skill to maintain

  • Building stability, endurance, and strength for performance or sports

  • Help with injury reduction or injury recovery 

  • Utilizing fitness to overcome stress, build self-esteem, and increase motivation

  • Building a support system or health team to better your knowledge and results

  • The proper form when using fitness apps to avoid or correct muscle imbalances 

  • How to add variety to your workouts to keep you engaged


I help you overcome the barrier of lack of time to workout and how to apply fitness to stressful periods.


Earn discounts for referrals and receive rewards for special milestones. Clients will also receive priority pricing on special events throughout the year

Social Support

I help you build a health team and develop opportunities to expand your social circle of supportive individuals 

Behavior Change

Physical change begins with mental change. You now have a NASM Behavior Change Specialist on your Team! I teach you resilience in reaching your fitness goals.

I am pumped to get started with you on your journey to reinvention! Email me here if you have additional questions to help you commit to your personal vision. Still undecided? Subscribe below to receive mental and fitness insights and updates on events to prepare you to make the changes you deserve.  

Get Active 

You Did It! 

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