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Sandy Beach

Draw A Line In The Sand

India Celeste, Behavior Change Specialist

Sometimes the only thing standing in 

your way is a decision

What is the Difference Between Behavior Change, Therapy, and Life-Coaching? 

The fundamental difference between the three practices lies in the scope of practice, education, and areas of focus. Life Coaching and Behavior Change professionals do not diagnose illnesses nor prescribe medicines as in therapy. Therapists tend to utilize past experiences to analyze and assist in treating mental health illnesses. Behavior Change professionals focus on resolving current stressors and motivating clients to take specific targeted actions that lead to new habits. Behavior Change professionals often have a collegiate degree or accreditation through a respectable entity. Life Coaches help clients to focus on their overall life path or area of fulfillment in achieving long-term future outcomes. Life coaches may be accredited via a reputable program or rely on personal experience. The practices can overlap via credentials and/or referral services. 

How can Madam Uplift Behavior Change  help me? 

Behavior Change through Madam Uplift specializes in improving behaviors that include:

  • stress management and self-discipline

  • reduction in desire to self-harm or commit violence

  • effective goal-setting and productivity 

  • cognitive restructuring and positive psychology

  • building social support 

  • finding and utilizing resources that assist in creating change

What Can I Expect As a Client?


Schedule your discovery call so that we can partner to determine whether my services are right for your situation and my scope of practice. Once we proceed to move forward we will schedule your first session in which I help you with defining your problem, goal-setting, and self-monitoring techniques. Clients who book a session package will receive my custom Journey Journal (single clients can order online) and a free Nutrition Guide. Plan one hour for your session. Post session you will receive a digital follow up and a resource to use until your next session begins.  

In subsequent sessions, we will begin exercises, cognitive restructuring, and massive action planning to place you on the path of behavior change that you desire. These sessions can focus on:

  • positive psychology

  • stress and burnout prevention

  • grief and bereavement

  • positive communication

  • motivation and goal achievement

  • self-compassion and resilience

  • relationships and gratitude

My role is to provide empathy, tools, and straight-forward insight to develop your arsenal in resolving future challenges and pursue your dreams. How do I know? 

Read My Story

Request your free Discovery Call and I will contact you to set up a time 

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Discovery Call

Does Insurance Cover Sessions? 

Unfortunately insurance currently does not cover mental health services for personal development as it is not considered treatment for illness. In efforts to reach more of the population who need assistance with mental wellness and stress management, the current pricing for a single session is below market rate for life coaching and therapy in Hampton Roads. You may also select a package for multiple sessions for additional savings. Single sessions begin at $85.

Do You Have to Be a Virginia Beach Resident?

Service is available by appointment only. My office address is located at Town Center in Virginia Beach. Hampton Roads residents can be seen in-person or virtual for your convenience. Residents outside of Hampton Roads can be serviced with virtual appointments only. 

Are My Sessions Confidential?

Absolutely! Although I am not a psychologist, I thrive to operate under the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics per my training in behavior change. No personal information will be shared without your written consent or a court order. Electronic records will be encrypted and paper records will be maintained in a locked cabinet. 

Image by Nathan Jennings

This Sounds Great But I'm Not Sure If I'm Ready.

We all operate at different cycles of readiness for change. Schedule your free Discovery Call so that I can assess your stage of readiness and subscribe you to my list of blog updates and content that can prepare you for taking action when you feel in control. By enabling me to follow up with you periodically, you can discover ways to manage your stress and stay motivated during challenges. Together we can find your way. 

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