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India Celeste, Virginia Beach Personal Trainer
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From Fall-Throughs
to Breakthroughs


Virginia Beach, VA 

Hello, You! I am India Celeste, founder of stress management practice, Madam Uplift. 

I am a Virginia Native who has also been a resident up and down the East Coast. In 2014 I settled in Virginia Beach and worked throughout the Hampton Roads area in retail management, helping to ensure food, supplies, and clothing to families during holidays, storms, and every day needs until 2021.

In 2020, during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to finally push my efforts in the direction that has always kept me motivated: community service. I became a volunteer and advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and became certified in suicide intervention techniques through Curtin University. Armed with information, passion, and ability to help, I launched my blog focused on countering stress and self-harm. 

Stress leads to crime and suicide. What if individually we armed ourselves against both?

In September 2021, my daughter finally made the transition to student as a kindergartner and I needed a career that could accommodate the uncertainty of school closings, drop-offs and pickups, and homework help in addition to my accountability as the provider for us. 

Sitting still as life moved forward was not an option. 

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I decided to turn the stress of my situation into an opportunity to finally align my professional life with my core values: health, helping, and creation. For over 30 years I have learned that my strength has always been in overcoming obstacles, come-from-behind-wins, and making magic in seemingly impossible situations. How could I help others to do the same?

I received my accreditation with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to design fitness workouts and teach behavior change for people challenged with doing it on their own. Dance and fitness have been a proven method of control and accomplishment for me in keeping me motivated and of sound mind during stressful periods. A healthy lifestyle requires a balance of nutrition, mental wellness, and physical activity to operate at maximum capacity. Too many people short-change themselves in one of these areas and then the suffering begins.

I Can Help You Reshape Your Identity.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. 
|| Dalai Lama ||

In my life I have faced:

  • Being the first to go to college

  • Sudden unemployment in New York City in my early twenties

  • Pending eviction

  • Unfaithful romantic partners

  • Managing large scale businesses 

  • Long-term illness

  • Single parenting 

  • Grief and Loss

  • Leaving behind possessions

And these are just a few challenges I am not ashamed to share because I TOOK ACTION and I am currently ALIGNED with my dreams and hitting my goals! I did not stay in my sadness, pity, or anger. 

India Celeste, Behavior Change Specialist Virginia Beach

What Are You Sick and Tired Of?

I am capable to help you just as you are capable to change you:

  • Not staying motivated to pursue and meet goals?

  • Unsuccessful body transformation and image?

  • Negative emotions and toxic behaviors?

  • Lack of social support as a caregiver, parent, or educator?

  • Unfulfilling career or inability to start a business?

  • Inability to change or management stressful situations?

  • Not liking yourself or always feeling bad?

  • Needing assistance with healthcare or nutrition referrals 

Break your curse of procrastination. 

Action is the cure to waiting. The people who get what they want in life are the people who decide and start the fastest. You can't wait for perfection. You can't always wait for help. The time may never be right. What you are waiting for may never come. 

3 Actions to take RIGHT NOW

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