What's So Special About Me?

I have learned how to give the ultimate damn about myself while simultaneously wishing the same well-being upon others. I have learned that I do not have to sacrifice everything about myself in exchange for acceptance (and to be selective about the kind of acceptance I seek). 

Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, intolerance, hatred, and other behaviors that infect so many of us in our society have become such a virus because they require a host. They require someone willing to be home to those feelings and those thoughts. They require someone who is willing to be miserable, willing to kill their own dreams, and willing to overlook their own blessings. 

Through surviving trauma, betrayal, near-death experiences, pregnancy with limited support, financial ruin, toxic work environments and relationships, and other challenges that would appear to devalue my humanity, I have developed skills of mental toughness and charisma that would make most think I have never been through anything! The key? My struggles ADDED to my value, not demolished it. 

Let me help you to see the same for yourself. Taking your own life is not your answer. Taking the life of another is not your answer. Walking in guilt or shame isn't your answer. Bowing to every need of others at the expense of your own isn't your answer. 

I can show you how to use all of your problems and turn them into a purpose that you can harness, and create a you that even your flaws can't damage. I am not a Coach. I am an Example.


Learn to enjoy your friends and family no matter how much debt you are in. Learn how to excel at your job even when you work with snakes. Learn how to believe in your children even when you don't understand them. Learn why what you can do for your community can make you mentlly healthy and love yourself to the greatest extent. 

You don't have to figure everything out. You just have to figure Something out. That something is how do you use everything that is happening to you and apply it to move yourself in the direction you want. 

This is probably not the site for you if you feel that you have everything and know everything. This is not the site for you if you value things over people and experiences. This is the site to visit when you have no f**king clue what to do next and you are over it! . You probably don't have thousands of followers or the happiest marriage or the largest bank account. Those things can do nothing for you if you can't even stand to look at yourself or you feel pity on yourself every time you get screwed over. 

I'm telling you now to put on your best outfit (at a discount price, of course or for free). Make sure your teeth are clean (because you'll be smiling so much when people thought they had you cornered but they didn't). Put on your favorite pair of shoes (because you're going places)... and start BELIEVING IN THE POWER OF ONE. 

You do not need to rely on anyone else in order to get where you are going... but I'm going to show up for you, anyway! Follow my posts and my story, participate in the awareness events, and start showing out for yourself because I know you are someone who is somebody. 

Your newest Friend that will help you to cut the foolishness and love it,

Madam Uplift