You come to Madam Uplift when you need to connect You come when you don't know what you should try for dinner or what you should wear to get your point across. You come here when you have a question and you need a direct answer. You come here when you need to refill your spirit and re-energize your drive to succeed.


You come here when you want to do something that helps the world or because you are shaping young lives that will grow into adult versions of your influence. You come here because you enjoy healthy competition and because you love to support those who inspire you to believe that anything can be accomplished. I come here because that's who I am too. 

I encourage you to share your stories here. I invite you to let us know how I can help you spread your message of hope or personal triumph. I welcome you to reach out when you feel despair and are looking for a hand to reach back. Visit the Blog page and utilize the "Ask" box if you need a second opinion because you are at war with yourself or you read a post on a situation you are dealing with.


The Contribute page is available if you would like to share your story, artwork, or other inspirational communication that helps to light the way for others in dark times. If you would like to work with Madam Uplift for professional endeavors, click here. I am excited.


I am hopeful. I am empowered. I love you. 

​❤ MU

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