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To inspire fascinating, fit, and functional workplaces through wellness investment 


Madam Uplift offers Employee Experience consulting that returns the enthusiasm and purpose back to the workplace with specialties in image, wellness, and public safety.

With over 15 years of service and management in the fashion, hospitality, and restaurant industries, Madam Uplift has shown a track record of strategic decision-making, innovative problem-solving, in-depth research, and forging powerful team collaborations that has helped teams to:

  • Launch more effective training programs and useful processes that lead to bonuses and sales

  • Increase clear communication and resolve employee conflicts that increase productivity

  • Establish wellness and recognition practices that build retention and internal promotions

  • Facilitate quality management in compliance of state, federal, and company policies and products

  • Improve image and business value through motivation and recognition

Additionally certified in fitness training and behavioral change, Madam Uplift is uniquely equipped to be the secret weapon as a resource to support professional teams seeking cohesive environments .  

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Explore your personal growth and increase your mental health with positive psychology and certified coaching practices for creating change

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Are you interested in the possibility of transforming your team environment with a greater emphasis on employee morale to influence productive results? Do you even know if your team is on the verge of imploding if there isn't drastic change that benefits the bottom AND the top?


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